Festival Choirs Music

Songs and Learning Tracks

Note: The scores are for advance use only. Proper music will be distributed upon your arrival.


SSAA Choir - Marg Stubington, conductor

pdf1 Download SSAA Scores

mp3icon Download Soprano 1 & 2 Learning Tracks

mp3icon1 Download Alto 1 & 2 Learning Tracks

TTBB Choir - Spencer Duncanson, conductor

pdf1a Download TTBB Scores

mp3icon2 Download Tenor 1& 2 Learning Tracks

mp3icon3 Download Bass & Baritone Learning Tracks

SATB Choir - Scott Leithead, conductor

pdf1a1 Download SATB Scores

mp3icon3a Download Sorpano Learning Tracks

mp3icon3b Download Alto Learning Tracks

mp3icon3c Download Tenor Learning Tracks

mp3icon3d Download Bass Learning Tracks


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