Be noticed at Canada's GLBTT Choral Festival held once every 4 years

The pink market “is two-million strong in Canada, representing total spending power of $100-billion a year” (Financial Post, 2008)

Why Partner with Unison

Unison Brings People Together

Unison is the only national GLBT event that brings everyone together for a celebration in the spirit of diversity. Over 1000 people will attend Unison Festival 2010. In addition to the over 400 visitors from across Canada we expect 650 Manitobans to attend. The Unison Festival 2010 website has over 800 hits per month.

Unison is a celebration of diversity

By supporting Unison, you show Canada that you support equality for all.

Unison is a Showcase of Musical Talent from across Canada and the USA

Whether a choir is large or small, new or established, Unison showcases the joy of celebrating diversity through singing together!


Get Noticed!

When you support us, we support you.

A recent study showed that the GLBT demographic is 89% brand-affiliated, meaning most likely or highly likely to actively seek out a brand that had advertised in gay media. [Source:Simmons]

Partner with Unison Festival 2010 - Winnipeg

Gain visibility for your organization by making a difference in the lives of the GLBT community in Manitoba and all of Canada.









Sponsor Contact

Tony Hailu

eMail Tony


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Who's Attending

450+ Individuals

16 Choirs

CANADA (west to east)

British Columbia

Aviva (Nanaimo)

Synergy (Vancouver)

Vancouver Men's Chorus


Calgary Men's Chorus

Edmonton Vocal Minority


Bridge City Chorus (Saskatoon)

Prairie Pride Chorus (Regina)


Rainbow Harmony Project (Winnipeg)


Forte The Toronto Men's Chorus

Ottawa Gay Men's Chorus

Singing Out (Toronto)

Rainbow Chorus of Waterloo-Wellington

Tone Cluster (Ottawa)


Ensemble vocal Extravaganza (Montreal)

Nova Scotia

The Women Next Door (Halifax)

USA (national choir)

GALA Choruses Unison Festival Chorus